Who We Are

Responsible Historic Preservation for Houston is a grassroots advocacy group primarily concerned with reasonable and sensible preservation of historic property in Houston.  We are committed to ensuring that historic properties are protected as well as protecting the interests and rights of the homeowner.  We are also committed to informing the community about the ways that living in or owning an historic property are impacted by the City of Houston's Historic Ordinance and the changes to that ordinance made by the City of Houston's governmental bodies that oversee and administer that ordinance.
We began as a small band of homeowners in the Heights area Historic Districts who were concerned about the way these governmental entities and regulations were impacting our neighborhoods.  Over the last few years, we have seen actions by both the city and private individuals who promote an agenda which we believe can be improved upon and doesn't always take the needs and the desires of the community as a whole into consideration.  When we learned of another round of impending changes to the Historic Ordinance, we decided it was time to get busy informing and talking to our community, talking to city officials, researching historic preservation, reviewing historic design guidelines and generally organizing to be a voice for our neighborhoods.  We now have many members and many residents who are actively involved in our efforts.
We urge you join our movement.  With the strength of our neighbors voice, we can make a difference, preserve our beautiful neighborhoods while maintaining our individual rights as homeowners.
Kathleen Powell, Mary Wassef, Bill Baldwin
Responsible Historic Preservation for Houston




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